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Lab in a Bag: Portable Affordable Failure Analysis

This course is a favorite of students and professionals alike! Learn how to pack an entire lab into a carry-on bag for under $1000! In this extremely fascinating, educational, and interactive seminar, we'll have tons of fun and try out all of the following portable gadgets:

Portable Affordable Failure Analysis Seminar
  • Digital microscope with x-y table
  • Ultrasonic material and thickness tester
  • Hydrocarbon gas leak detector
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Borescope connected to a laptop
  • Portable hardness testers
  • Moisture detectors
  • Water testing kit
  • Digital calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Precise digital weighing scale
  • ...and many more

These powerful inspection tools will allow you to gain quick answers and perform thorough investigations on the spot to help determine:

  • Internal pipe wear and corrosion
  • Material thickness of common materials
  • Type of materials
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Material Degradation
  • Sources of leaks in pipes and tanks
  • Water paths
  • Contents inside walls and enclosed spaces
  • Causes of fractures invisible to the naked eye

...and so much more. You will learn how to use all these nifty gadgets, how to pack them in your carry-on bag, and — how to make it through TSA! This is a must-attend class for all!

Fractography: Let the Evidence Speak for Itself

There is a whole story hidden in the ridges and cracks of any failure surface, waiting to be told to those willing to learn the language. Understanding fractography, the study of the fracture surfaces of materials, is essential to a thorough and proper diagnosis of any material failure. Many fractographic patterns repeat themselves in common materials, and many patterns are commonly mistaken. Learn key patterns and a systematic method to read and understand these "silent witnesses." From this course, you will gain all of the following critical skills:

Fractography Seminar
  • Find the origin of the fracture
  • Determine if the fracture occurred suddenly or gradually
  • Assess the nature of the loads which induced the failure
  • Identify the commons signs of material defects
  • Utilize a systematic step-by-step method including grids and checklists to gain confidence in your assessment.

This course is based on hundreds of cases and thousands of examinations of fracture surfaces. In this very hands-on experience, you will examine these specimens with portable microscopes, loupes, and magnifying glasses and gain real experience which cannot be attained through books. You'll leave with a handout and detailed method not found anywhere. Don't let your competition embarrass you in court! Take this class and get the edge you need.

Diagnosing Material Failures

Determining the actual cause of material failures requires thorough knowledge of circumstantial, material, and engineering evidence. Rarely does the investigator possess all three, often leading to endless confusion and debate. For example, a material scientist may say a weld defect caused the failure. A stress analyst might calculate that a 10,000 lb force would still be required, whereas loads never exceeded 1000 lb. Diagnosing Material Failures Seminar The field investigator may take a corrosion thickness reading and reveal that corrosion had begun years prior. All the evidence must be sought and must converge with the final hypothesis. In this course we'll learn all of the following:

  • How to diagnose overload, fatigue, corrosion, and wear failures
  • Commonly available laboratory methods and the value of these tests
  • How to utilize fractography and stress analysis to reach solid conclusions
  • Systematic methods to determine the most plausible theory given a long list of circumstantial, material, and engineering evidence.

All of this will be presented in a sequence which will allow you to systematically perform your investigation efficiently. At the end, you will leave with a handout containing very powerful tools and a methodology to assist in accurate diagnosis of any mechanical failure. This course distills the knowledge of over 25 years experience, 40 failure analysis books, and hundreds of cases. After this course, you will have a significant edge over most engineers and material scientists in diagnosing material failures.

Finite Element Modeling: A Lethal Weapon in the Wrong Hands

In this course we will unleash the power of computer stress analysis, or Finite Element Modeling (FEA). These days, it's critical to add this tool to your arsenal. If you don't know how to use it, however, it can be a lethal weapon. We'll discuss all of the following:

Finite Element Modeling Seminar
  • Benefits of FEA
  • Key reasons FEA fails
  • Modeling pitfalls to avoid
  • How to make accurate real-world models
  • How to road test and calibrate your FEA package
  • Best practical uses of FEA

Then we'll look at some case studies and how to really use FEA to gain an edge over your competition. This presentation is based on thousands of FEA simulations and hundreds of actual installations and long-term field studies. This course will give you a priceless edge as well as save you time, money, and tons of grief.

Forensic Engineering Investigations: Case Studies

Here, we'll put it all together and give some real-life examples from investigation to litigation. These cases will delve into all the good stuff:

Forensic Engineering Investigations Seminar
  • Fascinating engineering and material analyses
  • Depositions and Defense rebuttals
  • Attorney arguments
  • Analysis of expert reports
  • What makes a winning case

We'll gain insight into what goes wrong with man, manufacturing, maintenance, and marketing to cause these disasters. There are countless vital lessons to be gained from these real-world examples involving world-class experts on all sides. Some case study examples are:

  • Aerosol can explosion resulting in injury
  • 220 ft exhaust stack collapse
  • Sewage plant overflow into office area
  • The 1 million Dollar Solder Joint

A high-level course with some real engineering CSI, this is one you don't want to miss!

All Seminars represent an extreme value at only $295/person for an 8 hour day. Ten minute Breaks are taken every hour for your comfort and an hour for lunch is assumed. These interactive seminars are fascinating, fun, and rich with hands-on activities and concise information. A handout is provided along with a certificate upon completion. You will need to spend thousands of dollars in books and thousands of hours in time to gain this knowledge and experience on your own. Why not take the day off and let me bring this knowledge and experience directly to you?

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