28+ years experience in mechanical engineering design and failure analysis. SPECIALTIES: Pipe Failure Expert, Storage Tank Failure Expert

  Prepared hundreds of studies in failure analysis including forensic reports and litigation arguments.

  Expert witness for deposition and trial testimony

  AZ, CA, CO, NM, UT, NV Professional Engineering Licenses

  Designed storage tanks, equipment and miles of piping in the  water, wastewater, chemical, and petroleum industries for a plant in every state in the U.S. and many major countries.

  Extensive training and experience in engineering design, failure analysis, and material science. This includes study of over 1000 books, 10,000 articles, and over 100 continuing education courses. Most importantly, the experience attained from reals designs coupled with decades of field observations and studies to truly understand what works, what doesn't , and what can go wrong.

  Specialized training and experience in fractographic analysis (study of the origin and history of fractures).

  Performed thousands of sophisticated  computer stress analyses using methods  such as  finite element analysis (FEA), Solidworks solid modellng, STAAD structural modeling, and MathCAD.

  Chairman, Tucson ASME chapter


Many experts attempt to cover the entire forensic spectrum by becoming trained in fire investigations, accident reconstruction, structural engineering, etc. When these cases get to court, the opposing attorney attacks their record as being too broad and lacking any real expertise, i.e. "a jack of all trades." Now ask yourself, would you go to a doctor who claims expertise in ophthalmology, plastic surgery, cardiology and psychiatry? Probably not. It takes decades of training and experience in just one discipline to acquire the knowledge of hundreds of case studies to truly gain expertise in the field. Don't waste your time on journeymen who spread themselves thin. Find that one expert with specialized experience who is dedicated to his craft and who will represent you well in any ensuing litigation.