Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does an engineering expert help a law firm in investigation?

A proper investigation is critical to the integrity of the evidence and collection of vital clues. Securing the scene, proper photography, and proper collection and testing of evidence are all vital to ensuring an airtight case. Without a proper site investigation, accurate failure analysis is not possible. The trained forensic engineer ensures that the process of site investigation, testing, and failure analysis is properly executed according to applicable standards. The net result is that the expert's report and testimony will be admissible in court.

2. When is a forensic engineering investigation necessary?

Whenever a catastrophic or expensive failure has occurred which may result in a legal proceeding. Normally, field technicians and engineers provide routine maintenance and support. When the equipment experiences a major failure, however, the user may suffer material losses, downtime, reputation damage etc. If there is any question that the case may result in a lawsuit, it is vital to have a forensic engineer coordinate the investigation.

3. I have good engineers and technicians. Why can't we perform the investigation?

Along with the reasons mentioned above, a forensic investigator helps to ensure a cost-effective failure analysis. Usually there are multiple failure mechanisms involved, such as impact, stress overload, thermal fatigue, vibration damage, hydrodynamic forces, corrosion, etc. To hire experts in all these fields would cost tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, dozens of lab tests are available for each type of failure. The experienced forensic engineer coordinates the site investigation, lab tests, and consultation of personnel and additional experts in a time and cost-effective manner. The obvious advantage is that you don't have to coordinate a massive effort and worry if it's being done right. Instead, we provide a turnkey solution and bring effective resolution to the matter.

4. Who are your primary clients?

Insurance companies, attorneys, engineering companies, manufacturers, and general contractors.

5. What is your specialty?

Forensic investigations involving failure analysis of piping and storage tanks in the water, wastewater, chemical, and petroleum industries. I have served as a Sr./Chief Design Engineer for most of my 25 years in the industry. In order to even begin designing a product, detailed knowledge of the broad spectrum of mechanical failure mechanisms is an absolute requirement. Having life and property on the line with every project, I have been forced to be meticulously accurate in the areas of design, research, and failure analysis. In my career, I have utilized well over 1000 books on engineering design and failure analysis. Today, I bring forensic science to my experience and continue to seek nothing less than excellence in each and every assignment.