For the Whole Truth


  • P.E. Licenses in CA, AZ, NV, UT, CO, NM
  • Assisted in recovery of over $30 million
  • Explains complex matters in simple terms to judges, juries, arbitrators
  • Qualified - Design installations in every state
  • Experienced - 28 years in design, forensic engineering


  • Clear, concise reports
  • Solid conclusions
  • Specialize in large losses
  • Expert in pipe, storage tank, aquarium, and thermal expansion tank failures


  • Fun - interactive, hands-on
  • Convenient - In your workplace
  • Gain vital skills in a day
  • Get an edge over your competition
  • Continuing education credits

1. Scope

I'll provide you with complete, all in one services for forensic mechanical engineering investigations: Site Investigation, Sample Analysis, Material evaluation, Microscopy, Fractography, SEM analysis, Interviews, Code Interpretations, Research, Calculations, Computer Simulations, Failure Analysis, Professional Reports, and Expert Testimony. With 25 years experience in failure analysis, forensic engineering, and efficient project management all in one contact, why go elsewhere?

2. Prompt, Personalized Service

Expect prompt responses and attention to your business needs. You have my personal cell number and are welcome to use it anytime, 7 days a week, and you won't get some message that I'm on vacation for 2 weeks. The big corporations expect you to take a number for your years of patronage and loyalty. I don't.

3. Highest Standards and Quality

I think we all know what happens in large bureaucracies - you're just another problem in someone's overflowing inbox. The pressure is on to rush out the report and maximize corporate cash flow. Attention to quality and thoroughness gets lost somewhere between the coffee grinds and the post-it notes. Not with me. I won't complete the investigation until all plausible causes are analyzed and backed up by fault tree analysis, fractographic examination, microscopy, and appropriate lab tests. I'll take the time to interview employees, manufacturers, design engineers, contractors and all other relevant personnel. I'll consult the latest up-to-the-minute research to ensure that you are not going to be embarrassed in court by a better prepared forensic engineer on the other side. In short, I'll do it right the first time and see to it that you get your money's worth every time.

4. Experience

I have 25 years experience in design and failure analysis, have performed thousands of analyses, and understand both the technical and human interaction role in failure investigation. I constantly research and keep up on publications of forensic case studies. I happen to love what I do and put my all into it. You get the benefit of this dedication, knowledge, and experience and the comfort in knowing that my commitment to quality will ultimately maximize your profit.

5. Maximize Profit

Here, maximize means ensure that you don't pay out anymore than you legally should. A firm may quote you $300 for an investigation and you may think "Wow, I got a good price." In reality, that price is not so good for your profit. Say company XYZ performs 50 forensic reports a year for you. In their rush and lack of thoroughness, it is quite likely that at least 20% of their reports are wrong. Now, if 20% of 50, or 10 reports are wrong, what does that actually cost? Either way, if you pay a loss you shouldn't have, or if the opposing party is not convinced by the inferior report and litigates, you incur additional expenses. How much? With 10 wrong reports at $30k each, you have lost $300,000. Spread that over the 50 reports and that is $6000 extra per report! Now, how good was that $300 price? It was really $6300. Wow. Now what if they are wrong more than 20% of the time? Saving $3000 to lose $300,000 is not the way to stay in business. A good forensic expert is an investment which will return your capital tenfold in the long run. Quit wasting your time and money on trainees and get the quality work and customer service you deserve. I stand ready and willing to earn your business, all day, every day. I look forward to your call.

At Your Service,

Al Rose
Forensic Engineering Consultant
Tel 520-907-7474
Fax 520-838-8747
AZ, CA, CO, Licenses

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